.Policies at the Cult Voltage .hair studio.

.Returns + Exchanges.

Hair products may be exchanged for any other product or for an in-store credit for product. Credit will be based on the price amount of product returned. Returns + Exchanges are accepted only one week (7 days) after purchase.

.A Re-Do.

If you are dissatisfied with the service you have received, Cult Voltage is glad to provide you with the opportunity to return to the salon for a re-do of your service. Re-dos are scheduled exactly like regular appointments and are provided at no charge. In order to qualify for a re-do you must call Cult Voltage + schedule within one week (7 days) of the original service.  

.New!  Refer-a-Friend!.

Hey!  Guess what?  Each time you refer a friend, Cult Voltage will hook you up with $10.00!  Here's how it works:  If a new client schedules for their very first appointment and say you referred them, then Cult Voltage puts a note in your client file that YOU will receive $10.00 off your next hair service.  Pretty awesome, right?  This is Cult Voltage's way of saying THANK YOU!  Happy referring! <3

Thank you!  We look forward to your next appointment!